Taking TV OTT

I worked closely with the Fios team at Verizon, shaping various evolutions of what is now their Fios TV product. Often embedding within the team in San Jose and Dallas for weeks at a time, a lot of the core features and functionality there today were developed by our team over these years. My main focus was on the set-top box and TV OS platforms, also working across web and mobile teams too.

Snr Product Designer
x1 Lead Product Designer
x1 Snr Product designer
x1 Mid Product designer
x1 Motion designer
2 years
TV, Web, iOS & Android
Product Design, UX, UI, Interaction Design
mix of device mock-ups showing verizon fios tv designs

Early designs that set the foundations

The original interaction model and navigation style shown here is still evident in the latest iteration. The UI layers over the top of playback, navigating through rails and Program Info pages that go beyond to show extras.

Upgrading the traditional EPG

We redesigned the EPG to include artwork for the items airing live, swapping to the live broadcast on focus. ‘Neighbourhoods’ group channels into genres, including your most watched for easy access. Channel logos are also selectable, leading to info pages for catch-up.

Sports teams, stats & fixtures

Sports make up a huge share of Verizon’s paid content. The team wanted to go beyond simply airing the games, including stats and tables. We created Info pages for individual teams that aggregated all that team’s upcoming games, highlights and stats. These scaled up to Info pages for Conferences, Leagues and individual Sports, eg. LA Galaxy, Western Conference, MLS and Soccer.

Mix of sports teams and games card designs

Viewing stats & tables

Finding a way to display statistics and tables within our existing rail and cards interaction model, for all major sports. Leagues, upcoming games, highlights, results and stats needed to fit.