Start-up bank for people and planet

Radicant is a new start-up bank based in Switzerland. Centred around the UN Sustainability Goals, Radicant is creating banking and investment products with people and planet at the forefront. Moving Brands were tasked with creating their new brand identity, bringing me on to own the website stream of work. As a new bank, we were creating the site from scratch. I lead the discovery and UX, brand translation to the UI and interactions.

Lead UX/UI Designer
x1 Lead UX/UI Designer
x1 ECD (Oversight)
x3 Brand Designers
x1 PM
12 weeks
Web Design, UX, UI, Interaction Design, Brand application, Design System
Device mockups of radicant project screen designs

Radicant's vision centers around the UN's SDGs

In 2015, the United Nations laid out 17 Sustainable Development Goals, designed to offer a shared blueprint toward peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Radicant orients all of it’s offerings around these SDGs. Their investment offering, for example, only includes companies that score high enough against the SDGs, in a rating system they’ve developed. Moreover, they have created their own financial products that you can invest in called #radithemes, each made up of companies attempting to solve specific SDGs.

the 17 UN SDGs

Telling their story and introducing the offering

The vision behind the bank was really important and they wanted to put the mission prominently on the Home page. As it’s long, I broke it into smaller chunks to increase the chances of it being read. The offer has 3 key parts: investing (long term), banking (short term) and future planning - a way to align them both.

Grow your future
Grow your knowledge
Grow together

When we workshopped with the radicant team about their goals and vision, there was a lot that they wanted to be and say. So when tackling the Information Architecture and navigation, I grouped the content into 3 overriding buckets that aligned to their vision and helped direct the user. Due to the volume, there also needed to be a phased approach, looking ahead to create a structure that could flex when development was ready.

mega menu design showing 3 pillars with wireframes of page designs in the background

Clarifying their products

I worked closely with the radicant team to really understand their products, helping them break down and simplify how they talk about them. Thinking about what a customer who doesn’t understand financial products would understand, and what they would value as a USP in a competitive market.

Educating then pushing to products

There are some great companies making progress towards each of the SDGs. Customers who understand who their money will help and how are more likely to see the benefit of banking with radicant. We worked on tying topics, or ‘raditags’ back to specific products to promote conversion.

Components to build out pages

I created a set of reusable modules and components that could be adapted to build out all of the pages. With so many pages, there were multiple onward journeys that a page could suggest exploring. So some components were left more generic, such as ‘image and text 50/50 split’ and others it was useful to create set modules that could be inserted on relevant pages. To make sure the design always flowed nicely, variants were created to switch out the colours.

mix of components created in figma