More immersive

Joyn is a German streaming service from the merging of ProSieben, Maxidome and 7TV. We helped them create their product vision of a more immersive viewing experience, shaping their brand and offering. Seeing the app rank above Netflix and Prime in the German App Store was a great achievement.


Project Lead


x1 Mid Product
x1 Senior Motion
x1 Senior CT
x1 PM


16 weeks


TV and Mobile


Product, UX, UI, Branding, Motion,

Mobile UI of browsing TV shows.
Mobile UI of Program Info screen.

The product model tries to limit endless scrolling through the same content by staggering discovery, while keeping number of clicks to a minimum. The menu landing view shows 3-5 of the most contextual suggestions we think you would like. 1 click up for search and quick links, 1 down let’s you explore more content, with tabs to pivot down feeds.

Animation of the TV design.

One click up lands on ‘Moods’. Moods lets you break out of your recommendation bubble with currated collections that go beyond standard genres, to uncover more diverse content.

TV UI mockup.

When we began designing the experience there was no brand, not even a name. We decided to let the artwork become the UI, taking colours from the visuals and the Joyn brand itself as black and white. A glass effect on out-of-focus cards and glows let colour fill the UI, for a constantly changing and immersive design.

Collage of components from the Joyn project design system.

As there are minimal channels we wanted to move away from a traditional EPG for a lighter way to browse. We used the channel up/down idea to show scheduling per channel. At the top are curated highlights for popular content that day and most popular airing now.

Animation of the TV design.